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Browse Bryan's grammar blog and enjoy reading his thoughts on grammar as well as answers to grammar questions from our users.

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Why Grammar?

Expressing one's self clearly, concisely and confidently is a daily challenge we all face, whether we're ordering coffee, writing an e-mail, or pulling together a presentation for work. Sometimes, words manage to choke us up and carry us beyond what we intended. How efficiently we communicate can be judged by all and where we are weak in speaking and writing, the value of our word naturally diminishes in our audience's eyes. Their doubt in us creeps between ourselves and our goals, and just speaking a few misplaced words can leave a person demoralized and frustrated. The lingual trenches of day-to-day communication can be navigated, though, with English Grammar 101's roadmap for oratorial brilliance. We are all students in this together.

Our goals are simple. We want to help teachers attain not only basic grammar competency for their language arts classes and alternative education settings, but stylistic flair that fans out and soaks into all areas of a student's being. The trick is in Marvin's wide vocabulary and dynamic delivery that captivate the senses. Marvin, the exuberant visionary and methodologist of English Grammar 101, lives on in the spry, jocular voice of each insightful word, a world unto itself. His purpose as an excellent teacher resounds within the bounds of real-world language use and traditional, grammar conventions. His encouraging, confident tone gets students to banter not just creatively, but correctly.

From identifying structural elements in a sentence to handling tricky turns of phrases and sensitive subjects, like Lay versus Lie and sacred terms, English Grammar 101 grants you access to everything you'll need to separate yourself as the cream from the crop. Our program's availability online also appeals to the independent students of homeschooling, individual study, and ESL courses who, like all of us, greet the potential for positive self-expression everyday with vigor, for we all become adults who face syntactical dilemmas of philosophic magnitude every moment of our lives.